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At Insurance Box, we operate with integrity and up to the highest standard of customer confidentiality. You can be sure when dealing with Insurance Box that
your private information will be kept private. Insurance Box uses advanced encryption and security techniques to guarantee that Insurance Box will protect
your information and your privacy. To learn more about Internet security and protecting your identification and private information (online and otherwise); visit
the Federal Trade Commission's>website for protecting your identity.

Insurance Box will not sell or share personal information of yours with any organization or person except: when authorized by you, to parties involved in your
transaction, or when required by court order or law. Similarly, if contacted by using any information found in our "Contact" section, the same rules apply, even
though you're not using the website.

What personal information is collected?

Depending on the type of insurance you're getting quoted on, Insurance Box will collect certain personal information. For most types of insurance policies,
Insurance Box collects your first and last name, postal address, email address, and phone number. For some types, we may need more information such as
marital status, level of education, occupation, date of birth, driving record and habits, type of vehicle, driver's license number, and/or social security number.

How does Insurance Box use this personal information?

We use this information to match you with the cheapest, best, most qualified insurers to serve your needs.

How Insurance Box transfers your information to its insurance partners and third parties:

Insurance Box only enters business relationships with established, reputable companies and our contracts with them specify they follow all laws and not misuse
any information provided. Any contact with our partners or third parties is not covered under our policy. Insurance Box uses high-quality encryption methods to
ensure that your personal information stays private.

How to modify or delete your personal information or opt-out of e-mail or mail communications:

-If you are receiving unwanted e-mails, simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the communications.

-Submit a written request for removal to:

Insurance Box
Attn: Marketing
678 West Huntington Drive
Monrovia, CA 91016

Agent communications: By submitting your quote request, our agents will contact you using the number or e-mail address provided. You must contact our
agent directly to request that they not contact you further. Once insurance is purchased through our agents, all further contact with that insurer is not covered
under our policy. Read the Privacy and/or Security Policies of whichever company you choose to make sure that you are comfortable with their terms of use.

Quote requests: Insurance Box is an insurance broker. We match you with any one of around 50 companies in order to find you the best fit (cheapest, best
customer service, easiest). There is no opportunity to edit your information once you submit, however, if you need to make changes, simply ask an agent to
ensure the most accurate quote possible.

Cookies: A cookie is a small file stored on your computer than contains information about you. Insurance Box uses session ID cookies that are terminated
when the Internet browser is closed or persistent cookies which are small .txt files stored for a longer time. They show us when and how you use our sites, but
cannot be used to track any personal information such as address or phone number. The personal preferences you set during each visit are contained in
these files so that you can speed up future visits to our website.

Log files: Insurance Box tracks how our sites are accessed and used with log files. They track anonymous information like IP address, browser, ISP (Internet
Service Provider), referral & exit pages, platform type, date and time, number of clicks to, from, and within our website. They can only be tracked from our
servers and do not save anything on your computer.

Banner Ad Information: If you clicked on a banner ad to find our website, Insurance Box can track where you clicked on it and any clicks that might impact our
server. This information is also anonymous and cannot save personal information.

Changes to the Privacy Policy:

Insurance Box may, at our sole discretion, revise our policies at any time in a legal manner and consistent with any regulations or laws. If this policy is revised,
there will be a revision date update at the top and bottom of this web page. Regularly revisit the policy in order to stay in the loop about any upcoming

By filling out the forms and providing information about yourself on this and other web pages belonging to Insurance Box, you agree and acknowledge that:

1. You have read, understand, and accept Insurance Box's Privacy Policy/Terms & Conditions and we may send you electronic notices with respect to the
Privacy Policy.

2. The information provided to us by you can be submitted to our partners or third parties for the purpose of providing information and an accurate quote
about your insurance. You further agree that Insurance Box is not responsible for third parties' or our partners compliance with applicable laws concerning
communications with you.

3. Insurance Box may contact you using the information provided.

4. You are an actual person, have the right to provide the information you submit, and the information you submit is accurate, complete, and truthful.

If you do not agree to this policy, do not enter any information and do not continue with any processes, Insurance Box won't be able to provide you with your
cheap auto insurance quote, for example.

At Insurance Box, we're here to help. Allow us to guide you through the process. We work with you.

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