Safe Driver Discount - Everyone saves money when people drive safe. Accordingly, most companies will give a significant discount to
drivers with years of experience and no accidents or tickets over that amount of time. Sometimes it takes three years to qualify, but the
year of safe driving. Sometimes this maxes out at five years. Expect to save significantly, however.

Local Driver's Discount - Policyholders who drive significantly fewer miles in their commute or annually also typically get lower rates.
Good Student Discount - Full-time students under the age of 25 who maintain a "B" or 3.0 (usually) grade point average (GPA) or
better average qualify for a good student discount with most companies. Like driving safely, insurance companies are encouraging
young, new drivers to focus on education and rewarding them accordingly. Some save about 20%. Use that extra cash on munchies or
road trips.

Student at School Discount - If your student is enrolled full-time over 100 miles away and doesn't have a vehicle, you'll get a lower rate
because your insurer won't be factoring them into driving your vehicles as much.

Alumni Discount - Your alma mater's alumni program might qualify you for an insurance discount if you are enrolled.

Fraternity/Sorority Discounts - Similar to the alumni discount, many companies offer discounts to your Greek group

Multiple Vehicles/Policies Discount - If you insure more cars with the same company, you'll likely save a lot. Additionally, if you,
personally, own more than one vehicle, insurance companies figure you can't drive the other as often, thus the chance of getting into an
accident in one of the cars is reduced. Getting home and life insurance with your auto provider should also get you cheaper rates as a
total package.

Non-Smoker Discount -  Being healthy has its many benefits, including a possible discount from your insurance company. If you don't
smoke tobacco cigarettes, ask your company if they offer a discount.

Defensive Driving Discount - Taking a defensive driving course can't hurt, but you could also save some money on your insurance if
you take one of these classes. A lot of these state DMV-approved courses can be completed online.

Driver's Education Course Discount - If your teen or student driver has completed a qualified driver's education class, many
insurance companies will reward them with a slightly reduced rate.

Sign-up Early Discount - A lot of people wait for their insurance to expire before switching companies or renewing their policy. Many
companies will give a slight discount to policyholders who do the switch prior to the expiration date. Insurance companies want your
business. They'll often do the work to get your business.

Senior Citizen/Retiree Discount - Discounts for senior citizens (age 55 and older, typically) and retirees are common among insurance

Military Discount - Many insurers will offer small discounts to active military personnel and retired military. Ask your current insurance
company (or find a new one if they say, "No").

Federal Employee Discount - Additionally, any federal government employee should get a discount with most insurers.

Certain organizations have access to discounts as well: Some of these include AAA (American Automobile Association), AARP (American
Association of Retired Persons), and USAA (United Services Automobile Association).

ABS (anti-lock brake system)/Safety & Anti-Theft Security Systems Discounts - Many insurance companies will give a discount on
your auto policy if your vehicle features anti-lock brakes and more money off if you also have an anti-theft (security) system installed. VIN
etcher and wheel lock are newer options that can also reduce the cost of comprehensive auto coverage. Crash resistant doors, daytime
running lights, airbags, and electronic stability systems (EBS) also typically reduce your rate.

Big Brother Discount - Many companies are rolling out this new way to reward good drivers. The idea is that basically a device or
tracking system is used to track how far you drive, what time of day, how often you slam on the brakes, and more. Companies supposedly
say that they will not raise your premium, but it is pretty far-fetched to think that they'd ignore data that told them you are a bad driver.
Allstate's DriveWise and Progressive's Snapshot are two examples of the devices, but some companies like State Farm simply use On
Star to get the information.

Paperless Discount - Some companies offer a slight discount for choosing to receive bills and such electronically as opposed to by snail
mail. Saving paper has its perks.

Low-Risk Job Discount - Apparently, there are certain professions that are considered safer than others and insurance companies give
a discount for it. Teachers, engineers, and scientists are supposedly low-risk jobs, but doctors will have to find another way.

Loyalty/Renewal Discount - Though it is both logical and financially-responsible to get a quote from many different insurance
companies each year (or twice), many customers forget to ask their own company for a discount for stay with them another year. Other
industries do this, as well, such as phone, television, and Internet companies. Check up with them relatively often to see what kind of
promotions and rates they are providing.

Advance Payment Discount - Typically, you'll save more money on your insurance policy if you pay for the whole term in advance as
opposed to monthly.

Credit History - Those with bad credit will typically pay more. Definitely not related to driving history but always is a factor taken into
account when your insurer calculates your premium.

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